John Jace, Jr. aka Fleshcrawl the Clown 🤡

From: Born in Knoxville Tennessee last resided in
Memphis Tennessee

Occupation: Part-time Nuclear waste Factory 
worker. Other gig, a custom masks maker. 

Current whereabouts: Trapped inside FearZone

WEAPON or weapons of choice: Carving Knife. and a Revolver gun

Abilities: [Post mutations] martial arts combat
training, [After mutations] unexplainable ability to
transfer his soul into another's body. Supernatural
self healing. Increase of strength.

Killer Associate/Team or helpers: Carnival Clown of Chaos ® Fire crotch the clown, Preacher, 616TER, P6YCHO twins, Carnival Creed and THE Body Hunter.

SIDE NOTE: John jace jr. grew up in cult life,
developed community built inside of a apartment
complex. Life in this community was very different and it out of control. John's father called him self
the Gardener, a self-proclaimed savior to all of the fathers. John Jace Sr.  was also a businessman who basically opened up entire apartment complex where he gave homes to all the lost
and misguided people. To be exact, he had over 200 tenants in this complex. He gave the people  false hopes and kept them drugged, forcing them to practice rituals. All of this was shortly lived because he pissed off the local notorious Kingpin that
Tishaun Jason and 2 others